the cause

The Cause

Who wants people who just show up because of a paycheck? Even if they are only walking to the spare bedroom due to Stay at Home orders, that’s not a flourishing team or engaged workforce.

The thing that ignites the heart is a sense of meaning, a higher purpose, a “Noble Cause.” Research into employee engagement say that finding meaning in work is a vital component of commitment and energy.

So, the question is does your organization/team have a Noble Cause? 

Here are some thoughts to help you identify that.

  1. How is the world or your community better because your company is there?
  2. If your company went away would anyone notice?
  3. If they noticed your absence would they care?
  4. If they cared that you were gone what would they say was the reason?

At our company,, we say that we are unleashing people through the impact of leadership and culture. It’s exciting to think about.

What do you say?

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