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Business as Mission (BAM) involves micro enterprise, micro finance, larger small-to-midsized businesses, and overseas private equity companies that have been opened to the Gospel. The purpose of Third Path is to accelerate your involvement and impact through this movement.


Free Courses

Introduction to Business as Mission (BAM)

Lessons 7  |  Free Course
This course, authored by BAM leader, Mike Baer, is a solid primer to the core concepts and practices of Business as Mission (BAM). Start or grow your understanding of what BAM means and why it matters right here. Topics include Origins of BAM, Strategies, and Sizes, and more..

Why BAM and UPGs?

Lessons 1  |  Free Course
Business as Mission and Unreached People Groups go hand in hand. Engaging UPGs has been a hallmark of the BAM Movement and remains a strong focus. Why is that? Find out in this course.

Ethical Capitalism—Is it Possible?

Lessons 1  |  Free Course
We originally asked HR/Culture expert, Adri Dornbrack, to speak on Client and Vendor Relations for our Crisis Management for Kingdom Business, course. Following her heart, Adri gave a passionate and challenging discussion of “ethical capitalism,” and we decided to publish this on its own as a part of our Free Resources.

BAM Qualifications

Lessons 1  |  Free Course
Do you have what it takes to succeed in BAM? Veteran BAM leader, Mike Baer, explores the spiritual and business qualifications for launching or leading a BAM company.

Introducing Micro Enterprise

Lessons 1  |  Free Course
These small, Kingdom oriented companies bring huge benefits to those who run them and to their communities. Explore the basics in this free, “short.”

Level Up Your BAM Experience

Premium Courses

Path To Capital

Business As Mission: The How-To Guide

Lessons 12  |  Premium Course
Exactly as the name states, this is a step by step discussion of the key ingredients in forming and launching a Kingdom Business. Learn about goals, ideas, marketing, sales, finance, going global, etc.

Path To Capital

Biblical Foundations of Business as Mission

Lessons 7  |  Premium Course
BAM pioneer Mike Baer lays out the reality that BAM is no mere program or fad. Its origin is deeply rooted in the Word of God and the Word lays out guidelines and criteria for thinking about and living Business as Mission. Learn about the Vocational, Intentional, Relational and Operational aspects of a Kingdom Business.

Path To Capital

Business as Mission Strategies

Lessons 9  |  Premium Course
Zeal without strategy isn’t going very far. Walk through a step-by-step process of working out the unique strategy that God has in mind for your business. Consider key questions such as what is your role? Where will you go? How big will you be? Don’t launch until you know the answers.

Kingdom HR

Lessons 4  |  Premium Course
International HR expert, Adri Dornbrack, walks through the vital ingredients of a Human Resources philosophy, strategy, and program that honors God, builds people, and grows business. Adri is the founder of Doro Ella, a South African based HR consultancy.

Path To Capital

Lean Canvas

Lessons 10  |  Premium Course
Investors love Lean Canvas presentations. They are quick, thorough, and readable. Learn how to create yours in this short but powerful session.

Missiology for BAMMERS

Lessons 1  |  Premium Course
Larry W. Sharp, Founder of International Business and Education Consultants, walks through the focus of Mission and Biblical foundations within Business as Mission. 

Crisis Management in Kingdom Business

Lessons 11  |  Premium Course
Crises are a part of life. Being a Kingdom Business owner or manager requires us to be skillful in how to manage them and bring our teams and our companies through safely.

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The Business as Mission movement is rapidly growing, and we want you to be a part of it. All over the world, private equity companies are being established; growing, providing jobs, and opening new countries to the Gospel.