Accelerate Your Kingdom Impact

Accelerate Your Kingdom Impact

Third Path equips young professionals to have a Kingdom impact through
profitable business in the global marketplace.

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Step One

Explore the possibility that God has a calling on your life that involves both ministry and business, what has been termed "the seamless integration of business as mission."

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Step Two

Spend two years in a non-residential equipping experience designed to develop your skills and knowledge in serving Christ in and through business.

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Step Three

Graduate and engage in kingdom business at home or in a cross cultural setting. Become part of a great, global movement of God.

Third Path Initiative is an international consortium of educational institutions, businesses and business leaders, mentors, mission agencies and other kingdom resources focused on developing the next generation of Business as Mission (BAM) leaders around the world. It is not a school but a process--both virtual and face to face, gathered and remote--that will help you fill in the gaps on business or missional or theological development and accelerate your impact for Christ and His kingdom in the world.


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