The Cause

the cause

Who wants people who just show up because of a paycheck? Even if they are only walking to the spare bedroom due to Stay at Home orders, that’s not a flourishing team or engaged workforce. The thing that ignites the heart is a sense of meaning, a higher purpose, a “Noble Cause.” Research into employee…

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BAM: It’s Not Exotic

Over the years I’ve seen a lot of people who get hung up on what exactly BAM or Business as Mission is. Sometimes, I think that’s the main reason we don’t see more practitioners—confusion! So, let’s break it down. First, BAM is business. Think real business with real products and services and profits. In other…

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Go Forward, By Going Backward


In times of rapid, unplanned, or intense change, there’s a powerful but counterintuitive way to maximize your impact—go backward. What? Well, not technically backward but back. Go back to your purpose. What is your personal purpose? Why do you think you were put on this planet? And what is your team/company’s purpose? In what way…

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