Reinforcing Community, Part II

Abraham Maslow, famous psychologist, made it very clear in the Hierarchy of Needs, that humans cannot achieve a higher level of existence or performance until the previous level of needs are met. The need for physical security being the base must be met before a person can advance; psychological security is next, followed by “belonging”…

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The Cause

the cause

Who wants people who just show up because of a paycheck? Even if they are only walking to the spare bedroom due to Stay at Home orders, that’s not a flourishing team or engaged workforce. The thing that ignites the heart is a sense of meaning, a higher purpose, a “Noble Cause.” Research into employee…

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The BAM Relief Fund

Business around the world has been hit very hard by the COVID19 pandemic. Economies in large industrial countries and in developing countries have been wounded and set back. And the Business as Mission ecosystem is not immune. Most BAM companies run on a shoestring budget in good times. There was a shortage of BAM capital…

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