The BAM Relief Fund

Business around the world has been hit very hard by the COVID19 pandemic. Economies in large industrial countries and in developing countries have been wounded and set back. And the Business as Mission ecosystem is not immune.

Most BAM companies run on a shoestring budget in good times. There was a shortage of BAM capital prior to CV19 and that shortage is even greater now. BAM companies run by expats and by nationals are closing or being closed. Some will not be able to survive and reopen.

It’s time for the larger BAM Community to step up and help. One concrete way to help is by investing more money in struggling businesses. This can be done directly as investment dollars or loans. However, if you’re wondering who and how to help out, we’ve established a BAM Relief Fund to which donations can be made knowing that the recipients of these funds are well-vetted by Third Path and IBEC Ventures and deserving of the assistance. There is a link to this fund and a mechanism for giving is on, and

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