Leading a Remote Workforce (Part IV)

In one sense, leadership is the same in all scenarios. It’s about the heart more than the head. As one former boss and mentor of mine said, “It’s about winning and keeping people’s hearts.” Because that’s true, leading a remote workforce or a hybrid workforce is, on the one hand, doing the same things good leaders have always done (only more of it) and learning to do it with technology rather than physical presence.

In my experience, there are 5 things all good leaders do:

  1. Foster and encourage a healthy culture.
  2. Define and reinforce the cause.
  3. Demonstrate personal credibility and character.
  4. Support a sense of community.
  5. Continuously celebrate success.

The next 5 installments of this series will address one of these each week. As we go through these, I welcome comments, stories, and examples that you have seen as well!

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