Can Missionaries Do Business? Part IV

Again, yes!

Don’t confuse doing business with being an entrepreneur like Elon Musk. They are not the same thing. Less than 15% of people have the “entrepreneurial gene” yet 90% are in business of some kind.

Business is simply the discovery of need(s) in your community that people are willing to pay to have met. Of course, there are other activities that support a business—basic accounting, pricing, service/quality standards, making a product, distributing a product, or providing a service, to name a few. And this part can be scary but you can do it or find someone to do it for you/with you.

One missionary I know recognized the need for quality motor oil in the Central Asian country where he labored. He formed a relationship with a Canadian supplier of motor oil in quart packaging bottles. They provided the oil. He sold the oil to people in his community. Everyone got what they needed.

If you want to launch the next Tesla or Apple or Google, go for it. But most businesses are simpler and easier. In fact, they’re so easy a missionary could do it (just kidding)!

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