Two Incredible Little Words

In his fast-read book, The Little Big Things: 163 Ways to Pursue Excellence, management guru Tom Peters devotes at least 15 of the 163 slots to the same thing—saying, “Thank you.” These words are free and very powerful.


  1. All the money and time we spend on contests and rewards when most people just want to be appreciated.
  2. How often we overlook the little things and fail to acknowledge what people are doing for and with us.
  3. How often we only acknowledge the big things (of which there aren’t that many).
  4. Only sincere and heartfelt appreciation works; people know when it’s not real.
  5. Most of us would unleash our discretionary energy and go the extra mile just to hear someone, especially our managers, say, “Thank. I really like what you did.”
  6. There are a million ways to say, “Thank you” without becoming repetitive or boring.
  7. Showing thanks is as good as saying it.
  8. Sometimes a surprise gift accompanied by a “Thank you” can move mountains.
  9. Thankful work places have powerful morale.
  10. Colleague engagement begins with an environment of appreciation for achievement and a job well done.
  11. Gratitude never busted anyone’s budget.
  12. Saying, “Thank you” requires, at most, 1 minute; a small price to pay to engage your team.
  13. When we’re too busy to notice our team and express our appreciation we’re just too busy.
  14. Thanks doesn’t end with our colleagues. It extends to our associates, clients, vendors and families.
  15. If it doesn’t come naturally, put it in your calendar to thank people regularly.

Work, however much rewarding, can be hard and tiring. A little “chicken soup for the soul” goes a long way. Thanks!

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