Think Time (Part 5)

In this fifth installment of Think Time, we’ll focus on the annual time set aside to think, reflect, adjust, and plan. This is not New Year’s Resolution time, the impact of which lasts about 30 days on average. No. This is a time to examine the past year–where you’ve been–and plan for the next year–where you want to go.

For me, I usually take the last week of the year to set aside for this purpose. I don’t use the entire time but a bit each day, rather than one long day, is dedicated to thinking about the big picture. 

Step 1: Questions for Reflection

Questions you’ll want to ask yourself are things like…

  1. What did I accomplish in the last year?
  2. What did I fail to accomplish?
  3. Have I been true to my “purpose?”
  4. What do I feel most proud of?
  5. What do I feel least proud of?
  6. Have I lived up to my personal values?
  7. Have I lived up to my corporate values?
  8. What have I learned that matters?

These types of questions can really make an impact on your thinking. They can be hard to ask and harder to answer. It’s easy to fool yourself but not profitable. To take time to look at the past, learn from it, and then move on is very healthy and not to be confused with dwelling on the past.

Consider, learn, and move on.

As Socrates wrote, “An unexamined life is not worth living.”

(Tune in next installment for Step 2)

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