Laser-Like Focus

It’s an oversimplification from a physics perspective but, essentially, a laser is nothing more than extremely focused light. Think about that. The same sun that you walk under, work under, and tan under, when focused, can fry steel. Now that’s power.

People are similar. There’s very little limit to what a person can do—even with average energy, intelligence, and resources. Except people don’t focus.

The opposite of focus is to flit. Like bees flitting from one flower to another, we flit from one idea, meeting, task, project, priority (and so on) to another. As a result, we never capture the intensity that focus can bring.

Imagine if you were to put 80% of your attention on 20% of your work. You do much better work, get much stronger results, and produce far superior quality. We congratulate ourselves on how much we have to go on and how busy we are. We rarely look to see what we actually accomplished. Try focus for a change.

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