With all the talk, books, and training around leadership, I’d expect to see a plethora of truly excellent, life-impacting leaders in the world (or at least in my circles). Alas! Not so much.

I hear lots of leadership language. I hear lots of leadership words. But what I see is simply boss behavior, boss character, boss impact. I fear there is still about the same lack of real leaders in the world as there was 40 years ago.

Why do I say that?

  • I see very few people putting their teams above themselves.
  • I hear mostly “me” and “I” language in unguarded moments.
  • I see an ocean of consistently disengage “followers” and employees.
  • I see very little hope, aspiration, or inspiration.
  • I see command and control in companies as much as I ever have.
  • I see a sad tolerance and acceptance for weak ethics and dishonesty.
  • I hear very few people say, “I want to be like her!”
  • I see most companies relying on perqs and bribery rather than allegiance to something bigger than themselves.
  • I see very little passions and a lot of “doing my job.”

It’s time for true leaders to step up, put self last, inspire a hopeful future, speak and live truth, and determine to make the world better by leading and serving others. What do you think?

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