15 Things About True Leaders

Are you a true leader?


It’s true that anyone can claim they are a leader. Many bosses do but are not. Many managers do but are not. Many politicians do but are not. Here’s a list of things true leaders do that you can use to check the validity of your own claims.

  1. Leaders care more about the people they lead than themselves.
  2. Leaders are going somewhere and have figured out how to help others want to go there with them.
  3. Leaders get others to want to do right, not have to do.
  4. Leaders leave others better than when they found them.
  5. Leaders value winning but not at any cost.
  6. Leaders build others up.
  7. Leaders multiply leaders, not just followers.
  8. Leaders connect at the heart before the head.
  9. Leaders are not offended when their authority is questioned.
  10. Leaders listen more than they talk.
  11. Leaders don’t mind explaining why…again and again and again.
  12. Leaders lead others to believe that the people did it, not the leader.
  13. Leaders are about humility, not self-glory.
  14. Leaders have high expectations of others.
  15. Leaders convince others that they can live up to high expectations.

This is only the beginning. Can you add to the list?

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