The Price of Ignorance

Before getting into the meat of this white paper, let me be clear in my use of the word, “ignorance.”  It is a lack of knowledge, a state in which we just don’t have the necessary facts, or information, to even know that there is a decision which can, and should be, made.

The world of investments is replete with the lament of, “if only.”  If only I had bought some of that Apple or Google stock when it first came out, or if only I hadn’t put all my investments in just one or two securities.  Frankly, in my over 50 years in the investment arena, I have probably heard most of them.  The lament is missed opportunity and the concomitant loss of reward.  Honestly, I’m prone to do it myself.  “If I had only known. . . . .”

As I ponder on the future of God’s work of spreading the Gospel to the hardest places to reach in our world, I believe we are in one of those “if only” moments in time.  As the doors of more and more countries are being closed to traditional missionary work, I believe God is opening new and different opportunities to achieve His goal of reaching every tribe, tongue, and nation with the Good News.

Although over 70 countries have posted the “closed sign” to missions, they have left the “open sign” hanging for business, and for the investment of U.S. dollars.  

There is an ever-growing movement around the world to take advantage of the open doors to business while including a missional component as part of the business.  Whatever label it wears, the intent is the same – – get Christians on the ground in business contexts, living out their faith for all to see.  

Some of these opportunities exist by Christians taking existing jobs in these countries.  However, to accelerate the process, starting new businesses in these countries that will bring in capital and create jobs is the most opportune way to accomplish this task.

How can that be accomplished?  By working with the many existing organizations and entities that already exist to further that goal.  How can you do that?  You can be one of the early investors in these missional businesses.  There is little chance that one of these companies will be a Google.  However, there is a great chance that the Gospel will be shared, jobs will be created, lives will be changed, communities will be transformed, and the environment will be husbanded.  Oh, yeah, there very well may be a cash return on your investment.  These are “for profit” businesses, and as an investor, you are a part owner entitled to your share of the profits.

So, what’s the takeaway?  You can be the wise steward to whom God has entrusted much, who invested it to benefit his master, or you can be like the timid steward who, for fear of loss, buries it in the ground  Are you willing to invest for Kingdom purposes so that, looking back from Heaven, there will be no “if only’s?”

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