Reinforcing Celebration

Hint: this cannot be overdone!

In every period of time, human beings love celebration and recognition. In a time like this and in a remote workforce setting, it matters more than ever.

What do you celebrate? Winning, of course. When we win a new account or successfully complete a big project, there should be a celebration. But we also celebrate progress. This is not the same as a “participation trophy!” Achieving progress along the way is worthy of celebration and a great opportunity to say, “Well done!” Take a look at a football game. Obviously, the goal is to win the game but achieving a first down is also worthy of high fives. Don’t miss these opportunities.

How do you celebrate? First, it must be personalized. Some folks love the limelight; others hate it and only want a private “thanks.” One size does not fit all. Be thoughtful and creative. Don’t do the same thing all the time. Mix in variety. Shout outs. Internal short videos (using technology like Loom). Big announcements. Handwritten cards. Online cards (see Jacquie Lawson online for some great ideas). Food. Time off. There’s no end to how to celebrate.

But, we have to make it a cultural thing. If it’s programmatic and mechanical, it will be a waste. It has to be a part of how all of us view work and choose to work together. Imagine, a culture of celebration!

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