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Keys to Crisis Management

Coming through COVID-19, every time we think of crisis we think of something of the magnitude of a global pandemic. Thankfully, we don’t experience these very often; indeed, this is the first of its kind in my life! Nevertheless, we have learned a thing or two and scrambled to put crisis management in place.

What are some keys?

  1. Without living in fear, keep your eyes open to potential threats and challenges to your business. The military calls this DefCon 1.
  2. Once you see a crisis forming, analyze its severity; we use the DefCon system, Levels 1-5.
  3. Engage the appropriate people in a Crisis Management Team. Make sure they have the right perspective, knowledge, expertise, and decision making authority. It’s not going to always be the senior executive team.
  4. Communicate, communicate, communicate. Be transparent and real. People need the facts.
  5. Encourage, encourage, encourage. Facts alone will clarify but they will bring little in the way of motivation and caring.
  6. Listen to your people. They need a voice.
  7. Depending on the severity, do the things that must be done to keep the company healthy. Sometimes, these will be very difficult things.
  8. Don’t forget to serve. There will be many around you that need you more than ever. Your employees. Your customers. Your vendors. Your community. Perhaps even your competitors.
  9. Follow a pre-developed crisis management plan. Don’t wait until there’s a problem to plan.
  10. Trust God. In the midst of all of whatever we’re facing now or what your company may face in the future, regardless of the DefCon level, remember that there is a God and He cares for you!

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