heaven inspired business

Heaven Inspired Business

What are the qualities of heaven and what could they have to do with our business life right now?

It is my hope and prayer that by exploring this question with Jesus that our world, our businesses, our nations, our families, and our very selves can be altered to reflect the actual joy of Heaven in ever-increasing ways, and the despair of darkness’s domain vanquished.

So let’s consider what some of the main qualities of heaven (the Kingdom of Heaven that Jesus came to restore to us) are ponder their relevance now.

The first and main quality of heaven is God Himself, the Trinitarian PRESENCE that we are now baptized into and are to baptize the nations into. Every being in heaven is now experiencing God with them, fully present, accessible, inspiring, relating, and communicating in ways that are unimaginably good. While experiencing His presence in heaven will be beautiful and uninhibited, the great theft of our age has been in convincing people that they cannot experience His presence right now in a board room, a sales call, being with our wives and families, or in any other place or activity.

The second quality of heaven is PERFECT LOVE. God’s very own love that causes fear and hiding to flee away (there is no fear and hiding and so forth in heaven). In experiencing His perfect love through His presence now, we are truly able to see ourselves and others the correct way – His way. Perfect love is the single most powerful business and life strategy available and now fully available to us in Him.

In heaven, everything operates according to His designed PURPOSE and will. With Heaven now available again to us on earth, we have the distinct blessing of discovering His purpose and will and aligning our lives and businesses and work to it. When we do this, it transforms everything about our existence now and everything else that we touch. It was so important, that Jesus taught us to constantly ask for the kingdom of heaven and His purpose to come now into every area of our lives just as it is in heaven itself.

The fourth aspect of Heaven is that the humans there, and that can experience it now and it’s reality, are those that are PURCHASED. The redeemed, those who now have Heaven through the Holy Spirit living inside of them, are no longer their own, they’ve been bought with a price, and now live out their purpose to glorify God (1 Cor. 6.19,20). The blessing of heaven now is being set free from the tyranny of having to possess and to have that awful load on our back all of the time. No more burdens in Heaven then but how does He likewise want us to experience this quality of Heaven now in business and all of life and also help our employees, family, customers etc. to experience the same?

The fifth quality of heaven is POWER. In heaven, every being is empowered to function fully in their purpose, gifts, and relationships to create and collaborate on great work. Every capability for good will be completely accessible to us then but even now we have been given divine power for all of life and godliness (2 Peter 1). We have been given a Spirit of wisdom and revelation in collaborating with Jesus even now (Eph. 1.17,18) and so much more. What will it take for us to realize what is available to us now?

The sixth quality of Heaven that we are looking at today is PURITY. The purified life of heaven is not just the absence of overt sin but it’s also where all polluting agents and the roots of separation from God, others and who we are, get cleansed. Here our hearts are healed, stinking thinking gives way to linking thinking (where our minds are linked with His), our motives align with His.

The seventh quality of heaven is God‘s very own PEACE, heavenly shalom. He is peace and wherever He is we can live in and spread His very own well-being. This is not only the absence of all conflict but more importantly, it is the state of complete alignment with the Trinity, ourselves, and others. Imagine, as we are outposts of heaven, being people of peace, businesses of peace, families of peace.

So, hopefully, this has provoked us to ask what Heaven Inspired Business is and how it’s completely different than business inspired from below or even “Christian Business”. More important than what it is, is what can it mean in all areas of business and life and what are the steps to learning how to operate out of Heaven‘s reality now?

Follow up articles will get much more granular and practical in this and one of the reasons that I believe God Himself is so interested in us applying heaven’s realities to business is that this is where we spend most of our time and therefore get to practice Heaven the Best. 

As citizens of heaven, let’s share its flourishing everywhere we go. Shalom.

By John Gibson

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