Finding the “New Normal”

I have to admit, I hate the term “new normal.” The reason I hate it is that it seems to be saying, “How do we get back to the way things were?” That will never happen. We are not ruined but we are forever changed by COVID-19; that inescapable truth.

Entrepreneurs don’t look for “normal.” They never have. Instead, their eyes are constantly scanning for the “new opportunity.” Can you imagine the difference if leaders today stopped trying to navigate back to the “good ol’ days” and, instead, started scoping out the ways to make things better now and in the future?

What needs are there that are not being met? What needs are being met but could be met much better? What needs are being met well but the solutions are not accessible and affordable? These are the questions that will take us into the future.

I am tired of the pandemic. You are too, I imagine. But reality is what reality is. So we must shift our sights on a new, daunting, and exciting horizon.

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