Can you do BAM at Home?

The needs which BAM meets are everywhere. Addressing poverty, releasing captives, providing jobs, creating relationships, and opening doors for the Gospel are in style in every country. As the West, in particular, goes more and more post-modern, post-Christian, and pro-pagan, BAM is sorely needed.

Take for example the “inner city.” Poverty is rife and has been for generations due to poorly thought out “Great Society” programs. This is true in every developed country as well as those just emerging. Handouts become “hammer downs” and lock people into “generational poverty” that feeds on itself. From this comes darkness, crime, violence, broken families, and so on.

BAM can address this. Gospel entrepreneurs can break the cycle and return dignity to men and women in desperate straits.

I am not in any way diminishing the need for BAM practitioners to move to UPG countries and ply their trade. I don’t want to see anyone move from the “going” column to the “staying” column. However, I do want everyone who stays to know that it’s not just an option to practice true BAM at home; it’s a mandate!

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