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A Culture of Discipline – Good to Great Revisited

Culture of Discipline - Good to Great Revisited

Once the “one thing” (Hedgehog Principle) is discovered, according to Collins’ research, the good-to-great companies became almost fanatical in their discipline to remain focused on it compared to the also-rans who flitted from one thing to another and turned innovation into a fetish. Squirrel! Shiny object! Collins contrasts the three types of organizations he discovered.…

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The Hedgehog Principle – Good to Great Revisited

The Hedgehog Principle - Good to Great Revisited

Great leaders don’t just motivate and inspire; they also bring focus and clear direction. The great companies are no different; they are focused and know exactly what they should be doing and, consequently, avoid wasting energy, money and talent on things that are not core to their business. In the famous scene from City Slickers,…

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Level 5 Leadership – Good to Great Revisited

Level 5 Leadership - Good to Great Revisited

One of the surprising things that Jim Collins and team found when they were isolating what great companies had in common was leadership. Of course it wasn’t having leadership that was surprising but the kind of leadership they had. In Collins’ words, it was “level 5 leadership.” You can see from this diagram that no…

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Am I the Right Person to Start this Business?

Am I the right person to start this business? - #ChristianStartup Mentors

Not sure that question (or any variant thereof) ever crossed my mind. My question back is “why would it?” Would I suppose there was someone else who should? That thought never crossed my mind either in starting any of the three.-Dave Doty (Enterprise / Executive Coach at Eden’s Bridge, Inc.)   Business to me is about solving problems.  So…

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What is Great? – Good to Great Revisited

What is Great? - Good to Great Revisited

In 2001, researcher and author Jim Collins published the incredible best seller, Good to Great. I, for one, believe it is one of the 5 best business books ever written and a must read for every aspiring leader. Why do I say this? For three reasons. First, G2G is not some consultant’s pet theory about…

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How Do I Raise Startup Capital?

startup capital

Responses from #ChristianStartup Mike Baer – Co-Founder at ThirdPath I’m going to outline several “programs” you can consider: The “Missionary for a Moment” Model The “What’s Your Day Job” Model The “Bootstrap” Model The “Friends and Family” Plan The Angel or Venture Capital Plan If you’re thinking this is hard, then you are right. It is. However,…

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How to Read Your Bible Daily

For a long time, I struggled with consistently reading my Bible. I would go weeks and sometimes months without reading my Bible. Now I read my Bible almost everyday. What was the shift? How did the change happen?   God showed me that I NEEDED to read his word everyday. My heart isn’t some serene…

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3 Powerful Social Media Tips

Social media is a challenge, but there are great opportunities to use it to grow your business if you’re willing to put forth the effort and critical thinking. A few things we need to talk about before diving into specifics. First off, social media is about people. It’s about connecting and being heard at its…

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