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The 4th Waste of Lean—Unused Talent

Years ago, when I was cutting my teeth on Total Quality Management (TQM, the predecessor to Lean) we would say, “With every pair of hands you get a free brain. Use it!” The reference was to talent hired in, mainly, manufacturing and logistics settings that were never asked their opinion or for input on how…

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Waste #3–Waiting

“Please take a seat,” they say. “The doctor will be right with you.” Lies. Lies! It’s all LIES! They will not be right with you. They’re overschedule and behind and even though you showed up early, you will WAIT until they are ready to see you. What a waste of your time! All waiting is…

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Lean Waste #1–Defects

Any time we make a mistake—whether in crafting a product, updating the GL, filling an order, etc.—we either have to do it over or deliver to our customer something that isn’t right. The matrix of possible defects is huge. Wrong number. Wrong thing. Wrong data. Wrong food. Wrong answer. Wrong price. Wrong solution. Wrong fit.…

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