Accelerate Your Kingdom Impact

BAM-Business as Mission-involves micro enterprise, micro finance, larger small-to-midsized businesses, and overseas private equity companies. Tens of thousands of jobs have been created. Families have been revolutionized. New countries have been opened to the Gospel. Churches have been planted. It is a true and lasting movement of God. The purpose of Third Path is to accelerate your involvement in and impact through this movement.

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1. Learn

Get a basic understanding of BAM through our courses and books.

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2. Connect

Build a network and fellowship around your future BAM business. We are better together.

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3. Launch

Find investors and support providers to launch your new venture.

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BAM Forum Coming Soon

We are building a community of thought leaders and BAM pioneers like you in order to launch as many Kingdom Ventures as possible. We will let you know when the forum is ready for you to join.

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Mike Baer has carefully chosen an assortment of books that dive into what it means to have a Business as Mission mentality and a true BAM business. Providing everything from goals and motivations, to actionable strategies, these resources are the perfect supplement to the BAM courses.


The BAM Movement needs more pioneers like you

Third Path is a non-residential, international equipping process designed to accelerate the kingdom impact of young leaders globally. We are looking to encourage a new generation of Christian business leaders who recognize their calling to live a holistic lifestyle of faith.

Our Latest Articles

In addition to keeping you informed on the latest news and events related to BAM, we want to add to that through our own original content. The purpose here is to provide relevant and current information to create a continuous learning experience. Feel free to share our articles and soon you will be able to subscribe to our blog for great articles in your inbox.

Lean Wastes #8–Over Processing

Value is defined as delivering something for which a client is willing to pay. It applies to products and services overall as well as individual features of the product or service. In short, to design and deliver something for which the client will not pay you is waste. It’s time, resources, and money misspent. We…
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Lean Wastes #7–Motion

Now, of course I don’t mean getting your steps in but I do mean unnecessary walking around, driving around, etc. to get your job done. One of the things I’ve done in my lean journey is a “spaghetti map” of an office or branch. It’s simple. Just track when people get up and move to…
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Wastes of Lean #6–Inventory

In manufacturing, inventory is a waste because it’s not being sold. It’s in a warehouse collecting dust not payment. Therefore, it’s waste. Lean manufacturing strives to keep inventory to a bare minimum and use a JIT (just in time) methodology that only produce what is needed when it is needed. In a service business like…
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4-6 OCT 2019