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Entrepreneur Fireside Chat

"In this week's fireside chat with an entrepreneur, we talk with Mike Baer about startups and what it means to be an entrepreneur. As one who undertakes (takes action) this is what separates an entrepreneur from someone who dreams to be one. The discussion is a fascinating journey from what it means to be an entrepreneur to how entrepreneurship can open the doors to personal and community possibilities and greater good"

Business in Bare Feet


Ethical Capitalism as Christian Stewardship tool

HR and Culture Expert, Adri Dornbrack, explores the meaning of “ethical capitalism.”


Lausanne Global Leadership Forum in Bangalore

Business is not a cover-up for missions, but a God-glorifying instrument for the holistic transformation of societies. Business as mission is also a key strategy in serving the unreached, the poor, the unemployed, and victims of trafficking.

Mats Tunehag is the Lausanne Senior Associate for Business as Mission.

This presentation was given at the Lausanne Global Leadership Forum in Bangalore, India, from 17-21 June 2013.

Business As Mission

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