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Driving Your Own Productivity

You’d think with all the tools and technology at our disposal today that our personal productivity would be through the roof. Studies show otherwise. Oh, we’re busier than ever, we’re working more than ever, and we’re getting more “stuff” done than ever. But productivity isn’t about those things. The question is getting the right things…

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Lean Waste #1: Defects

Any time we make a mistake—whether in crafting a product, updating the GL, filling an order, etc.—we either have to do it over or deliver to our customer something that isn’t right. The matrix of possible defects is huge. Wrong number. Wrong thing. Wrong data. Wrong food. Wrong answer. Wrong price. Wrong solution. Wrong fit.…

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Meeting Makers

COMMUNICATIONS 6—MEETING MAKERS Good meeting bring good results. Bad meetings are a total waste and at times a total reverse. So what makes a meeting good. The previous post outlined some helpful ideas that really work. We’ll finish rounding out that picture here. Assign Clear Roles A rugby scrum looks like total confusion but it’s…

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Really? More Meetings?

In the last post, we clearly established that meetings can consume an enormous amount of time and produce very little if anything. It is my hope that you will join me in having a healthy disdain for most meetings. That being said, how can we make them work for us rather than against us. Here…

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Meeting Mania

Ask anyone and they’ll tell you that meetings are one of the most useless and wasteful activities of business. Studies show that at the average manager spends about 40% of their time in meetings and that at least 50% of that time is totally wasted. That equates to roughly 1 day per week in which…

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Does Your Technology Work for You or Vice Versa?

Do you ever feel that your technology is ruling you? That you have become a slave to the constant barrage of emails, texts, phone calls, voicemails, etc.? Duh! The other day a high level executive confided to me that he had already received over 1000 emails that week and it was only Wednesday. Here are…

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