Christians starting businesses for the glory of God.

12 Month Process Overview

Our 12 Month Coaching Process Equips Christians To Be Entrepreneurs
With The Wisdom To Launch Their Business.


Month 1iconmonstr-target-3-icon-128

Set Your Goals

Discover what success, freedom, and Kingdom purpose look like for you. Get tips for success and pitfalls to avoid.

Month 2iconmonstr-light-bulb-18-icon-128

Get an Idea

Find out ways to unlock your creativity to come up with great business ideas. Learn to look for great opportunities.

Month 3iconmonstr-eye-6-icon-128

Test the Market

Learn what key questions to ask about the landscape in which you plan to start your business. Identify a target market, competitors, and conditions in the market.

Month 4iconmonstr-tools-3-icon-128

Create Your Product

Find out the quickest ways to build your product and get it to your target market to get the feedback you need to finish your minimum viable product and begin iteration cycles.

Month 5iconmonstr-book-15-icon-128

Craft Your Story

Discover the importance of design and building a brand, not just a business. Discover your value proposition and how to articulate it using the language your target market needs to hear.

Month 6iconmonstr-certificate-10-icon-128

Become a Business

Write a Kingdom business plan and create your mission, vision, position, and promise statements. Understand the different legal structures. Hear tips on getting the funding you need. See what metrics will really move your business forward. 

Month 7iconmonstr-megaphone-3-icon-128

Go to Market

Get guidance deciding on which social media platforms to focus on, a proven marketing strategy to tackle them, and see your website traffic increase. See the advantages of pre-selling.

Month 8iconmonstr-bar-chart-4-icon-128

Generate Sales

Discover the most effective ways to sell your product to the people that need it most and serve your leads well by adding value throughout the process.

Month 9iconmonstr-banknote-multi-2-icon-128

Manage Your Money

Understand the basics of business finance, tools to use, and the way your sales and expenses relate to the overall health of your business.

Month 10


Engineer Your Customer Experience

Learn how to love people through your business. See and set up the systems that you need to care for your customers well and show them the love of Jesus.

Month 11


Scale for Growth

Discover the importance of making time to work on your business and not always in your business. You can’t plan for everything, but you can plan for growth.

Month 12


Go Global

Business is one of the best ways to love people and make disciples of Jesus around the world. Consider either moving to live and work amongst the unreached or expanded your business globally.

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12 Coaching Videos

Watch highly practical 15-30 minute training videos from Mike Baer and other experts around the world for each module.


12 Startup Guide Articles

Short white papers for each module sharing detailed wisdom, tips, and tricks from experienced business leaders to fully implement each month's training.


12 Startup Study Guides

Each module is complete with an easy to follow study guide to help you apply the training from the videos and other course material.


12 Action Plan Checklists

Each module provides a step-by-step checklist to help you finish each module and confidently move on to the next.



Get access to Mike Baer and other experienced mentors and investors through our global #ChristianStartup community where you can ask questions and learn from their stories.



Get prayer, encouragement, knowledge-sharing, networking, and much more from our global #ChristianStartup community.


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