The global Christian Startup community, on Slack.

Engage with Christian entrepreneurs, mentors, and investors from across the globe. #ChristianStartup is a unique community that facilitates discussions, Q&A’s, feedback, brainstorming, and masterminds.

#ChristianStartup is hosted on Slack, which enables cross platform communication in a simple way.

Don't walk the startup journey alone.


Say "Hello" to a few of our awesome mentors!

Mike Baer

Mike Baer

Mike brings over 30 years experience in business as an author, speaker, entrepreneur, and executive.

Mike has an understanding of the biblical basis for business & presents an exciting perspective on the role of business in the Kingdom of God.

Drew Goodmanson

Drew Goodmanson

Drew brings 20 years of experience leading companies in diverse markets. His passion is aligning a team around a vision that gets results.

Drew has been a mentor and coach to dozens of CEO's looking to build their companies for growth.

Thomas Borgerding

Thomas Borgerding

Thomas is CEO and President of Campus Media Group. He has over 20 years of marketing and advertising experience.

Thomas enjoys helping others find their "sweet spot" and is always learning.

#ChristianStartup is an initiative from ThirdPath. Our vision at ThirdPath is to see a movement of thousands of Christians starting businesses together all over the world to love millions of people all to the glory and praise of Jesus. That's what #ChristianStartup is all about as well.

ThirdPath has a 12-Month Process to learn how to start a business and take action to do so. #ChristianStartup is the global Christian startup community of ThirdPath. This community is for prayer, encouragement, knowledge-sharing, networking, and much more.