Christians starting businesses for the glory of God.


Let’s Start a Business!

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We’re really excited to be helping you on your journey from employee to entrepreneur! Key Points How to Choose a Niche Market. Elijah’s Story ‘From Employee to Entrepreneur’. 12-Month Process becomes more affordable. Do you want to change the world? Start a business. Registration will be opening this weekend (ONE WEEK ONLY).   We have…

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How to Choose a Niche Market

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Transcript: Hello! My name is Elijah Elkins, and I’m one of the Co-Founders here at ThirdPath.   Choosing a market to go after is very important! This will determine what people you are focusing most specifically on loving with your business. Let’s look at your experience, education, and gifts and skills. The best thing to do…

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How to Choose a Business Model that Supports Your Goals

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Thank you for the positive feedback to our last video. In the video, we discussed how you can easily take your current monthly budget and turn it into a profit goal for the business you want to start. Once you hit that profit goal for your business, you have the freedom to leave your job…

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How to Go From Employee to Entrepreneur

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Here at ThirdPath our vision is: To see a movement of thousands of Christians starting businesses together all over the world to love millions of people all to the glory and praise of Jesus. We believe that business glorifies God. We believe one of the most powerful ways to love others is in and through…

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Starting a Business – Q&A 3

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Questions How is a Christ-centered business different from a profit-centered business? (0:00) How do I make good decisions for my business? (1:16) How can I sure what I do in business is integrated with my faith, family, church, community? (2:38) Where do I receive ongoing mentoring/coaching? Where from can I get education, experience, business intelligence,…

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Starting a Business – Q&A 2

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 Questions How to pick which business to start? (0:00) Is passion for the business/product required to run a successful business? (1:01) How do I get the right people on board with my business? (1:38) What is the best way to pull in experts/folks with experience to help with our business? How do you keep them…

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Starting a Business – Q&A 1

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Questions Why do I want to start this business? (0:00) Am I the right person to start this business? (0:32) What are the essential requirements? (0:45) How do I put into words my vision or mission? (1:08) How do I identify good markets/needs/business to start that will sustain itself and allow us to make connections…

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