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A Culture of Discipline – Good to Great Revisited

Culture of Discipline - Good to Great Revisited

Once the “one thing” (Hedgehog Principle) is discovered, according to Collins’ research, the good-to-great companies became almost fanatical in their discipline to remain focused on it compared to the also-rans who flitted from one thing to another and turned innovation into a fetish. Squirrel! Shiny object! Collins contrasts the three types of organizations he discovered.…

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The Hedgehog Principle – Good to Great Revisited

The Hedgehog Principle - Good to Great Revisited

Great leaders don’t just motivate and inspire; they also bring focus and clear direction. The great companies are no different; they are focused and know exactly what they should be doing and, consequently, avoid wasting energy, money and talent on things that are not core to their business. In the famous scene from City Slickers,…

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Level 5 Leadership – Good to Great Revisited

Level 5 Leadership - Good to Great Revisited

One of the surprising things that Jim Collins and team found when they were isolating what great companies had in common was leadership. Of course it wasn’t having leadership that was surprising but the kind of leadership they had. In Collins’ words, it was “level 5 leadership.” You can see from this diagram that no…

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What is Great? – Good to Great Revisited

What is Great? - Good to Great Revisited

In 2001, researcher and author Jim Collins published the incredible best seller, Good to Great. I, for one, believe it is one of the 5 best business books ever written and a must read for every aspiring leader. Why do I say this? For three reasons. First, G2G is not some consultant’s pet theory about…

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Resolving Tensions in the Integration of Business and Mission

Question: I am feeling some tensions as I begin to integrate mission and business goals together in my business operations. What tensions have you felt and how have you overcome them? What practical tips or mindsets (truths, practices, principles) have you found helpful? Answer: This is a great question and a common one. You are…

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The All Important Power of Accountability

This last post in the Value to Vision series deals with how to create a culture of accountability because even the very executable plan you read about in the previous post will experience “failure to launch” without accountability.   Not Micro Management In cultures like North America where no one is responsible for anything and…

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Expert Advice: How To Reach More Business Goals?

In previous posts we’ve been a bit heady. Values. Vision. Purpose. Operating Principles. Pretty lofty altitudes. Now these are all necessary just as a solid foundation is necessary if you are going to build a home that lasts versus something temporary. Now, with the foundation laid it’s time to begin executing on what you actually want…

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10 Questions for How to Run Your Business

This post is about the way we are and the way we are going to be. It’s the fourth part of the Values to Vision to Reality process and speaks to just exactly HOW we do things in our business now and in the future. These are your Operating Principles, Breakthrough Strategies, Pivotal Strategies–there are many terms.…

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What is Your Noble Cause?

So you’ve begun to work on your core values. Great. Remember that this can take years to finalize. You’ve articulated your vision, i.e. what life looks like when your values are fully realized. Now it’s time to answer another key question: why? Why are you even in business to begin with? Believe it or not…

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