Christians starting businesses for the glory of God.


How Do I Raise Startup Capital?

startup capital

Responses from #ChristianStartup Mike Baer – Co-Founder at ThirdPath I’m going to outline several “programs” you can consider: The “Missionary for a Moment” Model The “What’s Your Day Job” Model The “Bootstrap” Model The “Friends and Family” Plan The Angel or Venture Capital Plan If you’re thinking this is hard, then you are right. It is. However,…

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3 Suggestions for Profit and the Kingdom

We began this discussion with the question of why Christians seem to have so much discomfort about making money. This is especially disturbing when business owners who love Jesus are infected with unbiblical views on money and profit that produce guilt, frustration and bondage. Thankfully, as in all things “the truth will set you free.”…

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3 Reasons to Love Money

Isn’t money the root of all evil? This common misquote is based on Paul’s words to Timothy. Note, however, the full statement:   For the love of money is a root of all kinds of evils. It is through this craving that some have wandered away from the faith and pierced themselves with many pangs.…

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Isn’t Money Evil? No!

But isn’t money the root of all evil? Nope! Before we start on our anti-profit crusade and waste a lot of time tipping at windmills we need to go back and actually read the text instead of buying into a sound byte we heard somewhere.   The text in question (1 Timothy 6) does not…

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How much money should a business owner make?

How much is too much? In the last section we explored how much profit is “too much” for a company and discovered that it wasn’t just about the amount of money generated but also about the percent of revenue that profit represented. There are two other questions about how much profit is appropriate. We will…

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6 Uses for the Profits of Your Business

It’s not about having money. It’s about using money. Simple? Yes. Easy? No.   Businesses make money. It’s why they exist. No profit…no business. And the same is true for “non-profits.” No money at the end of the month means no organization the next month. So let’s stop vilifying profit and ask the real question:…

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Wealth and the Gospel

I was speaking at a conference in Deland, Florida and earlier in my talk had made the point that the primary purpose of business in Creation and the Kingdom is to generate wealth. I began to notice a young woman in the audience whose facial expressions were moving from concerned to deep consternation. Finally, I…

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Profit or Prophet?

If I were to write a blog entitled “Profit for the Lord” many would think I had misspelled it and that I really meant “Prophet for the Lord.” After all, Christians have no business giving energy to profits! We should give our energy to the prophets–to spiritual stuff. Why is it that Jesus’ followers have…

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5 Funding Models for Your Kingdom Business

How to Start a Kingdom Business (Pt. 9) The still famous line from the movie Jerry McGuire is “Show me the money!” Some of you have been thinking that as you’ve read the previous 8 installments in this series. How do I get money to launch my startup? I’m going to outline several “programs” you…

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