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Am I the Right Person to Start this Business?

Am I the right person to start this business? - #ChristianStartup Mentors

Not sure that question (or any variant thereof) ever crossed my mind. My question back is “why would it?” Would I suppose there was someone else who should? That thought never crossed my mind either in starting any of the three.-Dave Doty (Enterprise / Executive Coach at Eden’s Bridge, Inc.)   Business to me is about solving problems.  So…

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How to Read Your Bible Daily

For a long time, I struggled with consistently reading my Bible. I would go weeks and sometimes months without reading my Bible. Now I read my Bible almost everyday. What was the shift? How did the change happen?   God showed me that I NEEDED to read his word everyday. My heart isn’t some serene…

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3 Powerful Social Media Tips

Social media is a challenge, but there are great opportunities to use it to grow your business if you’re willing to put forth the effort and critical thinking. A few things we need to talk about before diving into specifics. First off, social media is about people. It’s about connecting and being heard at its…

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Learn how to Start a Business for FREE!

You can take our 12-Month Course to Start a Business for FREE!  Seriously!   Let me explain.   3 Simple Steps Sign up for a Professional Membership (monthly or upfront). Become an affiliate. Get 12 others to sign up for a Professional Membership as well with your unique link.   You will get paid $99 per person…

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Course Preparation

You can prepare for the 12-Month Process to Start a Business by doing the following: Action List -Read article ‘Want to Change the World? Start a business’. -Complete the Mini-Course: Business Glorifies God. -Watch video ‘Starting a Business – Q&A 1’. -Watch video ‘Starting a Business – Q&A 2’. -Watch video ‘Starting a Business – Q&A 3’.…

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What’s stopping you from starting a business?

Fear? Finances? Time? What is it?   There are SO MANY things that are probably holding you back from starting your own business. I know there were for me. So many questions and phrases floated around in my mind…   What if I fail? Do I have enough money? I’m too busy. What if no…

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Module #11

Scale for Growth   Article DOWNLOAD Recommended Reading   Scaling Up by Verne Harnish PURCHASE Recommended Reading   E-Myth Revisited by Michael Gerber PURCHASE

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Module #10

Engineer Your Customer Experience   Article DOWNLOAD Recommended Reading   What Your Clients Won’t Tell You and Your Managers Don’t Know by John Gamble PURCHASE Recommended Reading   Be Our Guest by Disney Institute PURCHASE

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Module #9

Manage Your Money   Article DOWNLOAD Recommended Reading   The Total Money Makeover by Dave Ramsey PURCHASE

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