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How to Read Your Bible Daily

How to Read Your Bible Daily

For a long time, I struggled with consistently reading my Bible. I would go weeks and sometimes months without reading my Bible. Now I read my Bible almost everyday. What was the shift? How did the change happen?


God showed me that I NEEDED to read his word everyday. My heart isn’t some serene and beautiful paradise. My heart needs to be continually shaped increasingly like Jesus’ heart by the Holy Spirit and the truth of scripture. Once God lovingly helped me realize my desperate need for his word daily, it was my responsibility to take action to read the Bible everyday.


I need God’s word most in the morning to help shape and posture my heart and mind for a day of loving others with good works to the glory of God. Given the knowledge that I needed God’s word daily and specifically in the morning, I figured out how to practically make that happen. I began by putting a ‘Connect with God’ recurring event in my calendar app for every weekday morning from 6:30am-7:30am. I’ve now shifted to the calendar event being everyday.


A few more practical things that have helped me. I get up out of bed and go into the living room to actually read so that it would be more difficult for me to fall back to sleep. I also drink a hot cup of tea to help me wakeup and focus. I try to give myself at least 1 hour to read, journal, and pray. Sometimes I take more and occasionally less if it took me a little longer to get out of bed or I need to leave the house early.


One of the biggest thing that has helped me is realizing that it is my responsibility to read God’s word daily if that is something I want to do. I have to take action to do so. God’s probably not going to physically pick me up and sit me down in front of my Bible, but God has given me the ability to read and the resources to afford a Bible.


If you want to read your Bible everyday, have the ability to do so and you own a Bible, there are no excuses. You have everything you need to read your Bible daily if you want to. I strongly encourage you to consider reading God’s word everyday and see how God begins to change your heart and life even more than he already has. It’s worth it, and you can do it!

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