Christians starting businesses for the glory of God.

Let’s Start a Business!

We’re really excited to be helping you on your journey from employee to entrepreneur!

Key Points


We have a 12-month proven process to help you start a business. We have a community of people here that will pray for you, encourage you, and walk with you on this journey. We have tips, shortcuts, tools, and resources that we’ve been collecting just for you. Don’t keep waiting to make the jump into entrepreneurship. I’ve known too many people in their fifties and sixties doing jobs that they hate and wishing they were doing things to change the world. That doesn’t have to be you and I don’t want it to be. I will help you. Come on!

Let's start a business!
Let’s be the movement!
Let’s change the world together!


Start a business with our 12-month proven process and global Christian community of entrepreneurs.

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