Christians starting businesses for the glory of God.

How to Go From Employee to Entrepreneur

Here at ThirdPath our vision is:

To see a movement of thousands of Christians starting businesses together all over the world to love millions of people all to the glory and praise of Jesus.

  • We believe that business glorifies God.
  • We believe one of the most powerful ways to love others is in and through business.
  • We believe that YOU can glorify God and love others by starting a business.

We can and want to take you from employee to entrepreneur.

There’s no question that you could do more of what you want and feel led by God to do if you worked for yourself. If you didn’t believe that there is more freedom as an entrepreneur, you probably wouldn’t have thought about quitting your job and starting a business so many times. I’m here to tell you that there is more freedom.


I’m an entrepreneur, and I have more freedom with my time and life than I ever did as an employee. I get to work independent of location with no required working hours all while building businesses with other Christians. I also get to spend much of my time with my family. If God called me tomorrow to move to the 1040 window to glorify him and love others, I could. The freedom doesn’t mean that I have to, but I have the option to. This freedom didn’t happen overnight, but it did happen because of God’s glorious grace and by choosing a business model that is aligned with my goal of freedom from specific work times and location. If you want that freedom, we want to help you get it.


I know what you’re probably thinking...

That’s great, but it’ll never work for me. I have bills to pay, a family to care for, debt, very little time, etc. This is true of most of us. These are ultimately just excuses not to try. Here me out. Let’s look at a few things you can do literally right now to see how much closer this freedom is than you probably think.


Think about how much money you need each month to take care of your responsibilities that we mentioned earlier (bills, expenses, debt, etc). It’s probably best to just get out your budget. If you don’t have one, you really should consider creating one. If you’re not making as much money as you need to cover everything, then determine what that realistic ideal number is. Is $2,000? $5,000? $10,000? Now that you have your monthly number. Let’s make that your monthly profit (revenue-expenses) goal for your business. There are a few taxes of course that need to be taken into consideration when you’re actually self-employed, but for simplicity’s sake and brevity we’ll leave this as our monthly profit goal. See how simple that was!? You now have a financial goal for your business! When you grow your business to hit your monthly profit goal, you will no longer need your job. You can keep your job longer if you want to so that you can continue growing your business a bit more, but you now you no longer NEED it. You now have more freedom. The freedom to leave your job if you want to. This same thought process works if you’re a vocational missionary as well. You can build a business that replaces or at least lessens your need for support.

All we need to do now is look at some of the goals you have in your life to determine business models that support those goals and explore your gifts and interests to determine markets you may want to serve. You can choose a business model for your business that is NOT aligned with your goals, but we wouldn’t recommend it. You can choose to serve a market that you’re not at all gifted to or interested in, but again we wouldn’t recommend it. We’ll cover these topics in our next two videos.


Please leave us a comment here on our blog, Facebook or Twitter. If this was helpful, please share it with someone that could really use this kind of freedom. We want as many people to have this freedom to serve God and love others as would like to. Join the movement!


Start a business with our 12-month proven process and global Christian community of entrepreneurs.

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  1. Sally Wong on January 19, 2016 at 5:29 pm

    We are setting up a center in Malaysia to train up kingdom minded entrepreneurs
    We would like to bring in the 12 month Third Path course
    Plse advise how we can do so
    Thank you

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