Christians starting businesses for the glory of God.

What Business Have You Started and Why?

What Business Are

We recently asked a few of our ThirdPath Members who have started profitable businesses the following question:

What business have you started and why?

Here were their responses:


Ryan P. Fogarty
Lean Consultant

I am working on building a business with a vision to help organizations improve the processes that drive their product or service. Currently the business is made up of my consulting work, leading improvement events, and helping with projects. In the future, I plan to offer products and training to equip businesses to start a culture of improvement. God has put this desire on my heart because He has shown me how I can help redeem work areas, processes, and teams. I believe I can love people through improving their business and offer them real sustainable solutions.


Kate E. Woletz
Design Entrepreneur

Over the past few months, I have been building my own business in consulting and design based on relevant techniques and services that I provided on a large corporate scale, but instead providing vendors and clients more personal and specific need-based design solutions for products based on my knowledge and expertise in the field. By providing for the design needs and ideas for large retail vendors, on a personal level, I set my own hours and hourly/project rate and I am able to have more flexibilty in my personal life while still maintaining a good work/life balance which is very important to me. So far, I have been working with vendors in San Francisco, India and Tennessee that provide for all mass-retail corporations all across the U.S. I am working on high-level design direction and business strategy for products like mirrors, rugs, christmas ornaments and the like from a trend perspective as well as a detailed analysis and design in the overall marketplace.

What I enjoy most about starting my own business are the personal connections I am able to foster even more deeply than I was able to do in the corporate setting. I have learned that underneath even the most robust business and managing systems, people are just people and need the comfort and reassurance of a positive influence. I love making my clients and vendors feel and see how their product fits in the niches of the markets that no others can. Through this, I am able to develop not only great business relationships but strong personal relationships as well.


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