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Real Estate as an Extension of God’s Grace


Name: Haro Setian

Title: CEO/Founder of The Haro Group of Keller-Williams


Business Info:

The Haro Group is a residential real estate sales business. We have grown from zero to $1 million in revenue and 1 to 13 employees in 4 years. The Haro Group is in the top 1% of realtors in our area and are ranked in the top 300 realtors in Keller-Williams in North America.


How would you describe your work day to day?

I run a real-estate sales business. I manage the business, long-term vision, strategy, growth, and leadership development.


How does your work reflect God’s work in the world?

My clients are my team. My team’s clients are the company’s clients. The people I’m serving is the team. I see myself as an extension of God’s grace. I help people learn to think, work, and do what God has called them to do. Real estate helps people have homes and is part of God’s protection and care for people by His common grace. I am involved in provision, teaching, and discipling the people that provide the service.


How does your work give you a unique vantage point into the brokenness of the world?

In groups of people, you have sin that creeps in. Sometimes you have gossip issues and people questioning motives, but everything boils down to theological issues. It’s about who they think they are and how they think God views them. In our industry, 50% of people selling their homes are doing so because someone died or they’re getting a divorce. When you work with people, you work with brokenness.


Jesus commands us to “love our neighbors as ourselves.” How does your work function as an opportunity to love and serve others?

I help my team build their career, develop professionalism, and build wealth. I teach them to really think about work and make the most of their time. I’m always looking for leaders within the organization. I’m trying to multiply people to love people. I work to infuse “love our neighbors as ourselves” into our organization.


What is one piece of advice you would give to next generation leaders and young professionals?

Don’t discount the value of great mentors. Seek them out. You can never have too many. Forgo present earnings for the value of wisdom. I’d rather work with someone really smart that is willing to pour into me and make less money, than make more money and go at it alone. Also, read all the time.


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  1. Haro Setian on January 8, 2015 at 4:18 pm

    Please feel free to ask questions. Happy to help anyone.

    • Tracey on October 24, 2015 at 12:35 am

      Loved your posts . How does one even begin… Lead to do this for years now and yet keep putting it off.

      You have encouraged me.

      Please reply

      Tracey Benn

  2. Haro Setian on January 8, 2015 at 4:23 pm

    Please feel free to ask questions. Happy to help anyone!

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